Indore house and flats for sale rentIndore house and flats for sale rent

About Indore Real Estate Scenario

Indore Property Market hastaken a downward trend now days, very less buying and selling of properties,that too on specific requirement.

Many residential and commercial projects newly launched are facing problems due to non interest ofbuyers and investor’s .property rates are stable in the month of Jan 2009. Thisall is occurring due to over supply to market, higher interest rates and higherproperty rates. Until the rates become sensible all this seems to continue, butmajor problem is the property rates does not seems to come down in near future,


Reasons for Property Prices Not Getting Reduced

{} new plots available for sale, are developed on land of higher cost. Whichagain involved development cost, sanctioning cost and marketing cost, which allis implicated and no cuts can be done to them, contrary it may also add up theinterest cost occurring to builder or developer.

{} Developers and Builders who have recently launched their projects inyear 2007-2008 have good holding capacities, and does not sell until they gettheir rates.

{} Inside city areas from Palasia Square to Bhawar kuan or Bombay Hospital, very few multi stories projects have come last year , and the demand is morethen that .

{} All the money drawn from stock market , last year is still in realestate market , which is increasing the holding capacity of builders,developers and investors.

{} increasing population is again a supporting factor to keep stable thereal estate prices for now.

Q :Will the rates fall, after Jan 2009?

Ans :No, as market has seen a downward trend from August - December 2008, rates havealready fallen down to 20-25%, now all the new projects or old propertiesseller will not sell their properties below then that, exceptions can be therewhere a person or company can sell their property in immense need of money.


Q : Is this a right time to buy flats anywhere in Indore?

Ans : No, rates will more come down till March, that will be actual rates,


Q : I want to sell my property, what to do?

Ans : This time, in Jan 2009 you must be experiencing problems in getting the rates what you are demanding, it will be better to keep your efforts for selling; we guarantee till April you will be successful if your property is good.


Q :Is this a time for property investment?

Ans :Again No, it may come after 2-3 months when market is enough settled down andno chances for immediate up and downs, So you can say the period of Jan-March2009 as settling period and "real" property prices will come.


If you have a immediate needfor the property, do not buy in the below areas 

Saket, Gulmohar, GumashtaNagar, Areas near Bombay hospital, mg road, or city central areas, sch. no. 54,Vijay Nagar, because rates may fall 10-15% in the coming 2-3 months


If you have a immediate needfor the property, buy in the below areas 

Areas near Bengali square, Mahalaxmi and ahead, Sudama Nagar and adjoining,areas near Brijeshwari, on Khandwa road near Ashram Bapu Ashram, here at thisplaces you will get good rates now and property rates may rapidly rise in thecoming months.


PropertyInvestments in Indore

From past many years, real estate investments havealways proven to be the best among the industry, in terms of money growth andsecurity, the only thing to be kept in mind is the choice of right propertywith clear titles. Below is a brief analysis of property investments in Indore.


Q.            : Where to invest residential or commercial property?

Ans.        : It depends , area / location wise andthe cost of property u are purchasing , but always investing in a  duplex / bungalow or plot always proves to bea better investment, for rental incomes investing in commercial property isgood.

Q.            : What I can purchase in real estate forinvestments?

Ans.        :               ## Flats

## Office Space 

## Duplex

## Bungalow

## Residential Plot

## Commercial Plot

## Agriculture Properties /Farms.

## Showroom space

## Villa


Q             : What are the average rates of the above mentionedproperties in good areas?

Ans.        :               ## Flats - 12-30 Lacs for a1000 sq.fts. Flat 

## Office Space - Rs. 1200 -Rs. 2000 per sq.fts. Is a good and sensible price in Indore?

## Duplex - For 18-35Lacs 

## Bungalow - 50 - 70 Lacson a plot size of 1500 sq.fts. 

## Residential Plot1200-1500 near Bombayhospital or Bengali square 

## Commercial Plot. 2000-3000Rs. per sq.fts.


Q.            : Which area / location of Indore are assumed to be most viable forinvestments?

Ans.      : According to Manish Hinduja of 360Realty Indore, investing near Bombay Hospital area shall be most viable, namelySch. No.114 Part I & II, Mahalaxmi Nagar, Vijay Nagar, Sch. No. 54, etc.


Q.            : Where and in which properties not to invest?

Ans.        :               ##Office spaces which are higher then Rs. 3000 per sq.fts. 

## Residential Plots aboveRs. 3000 per sq.fts.

## Flats, whose value isabove Rs. 1600 per sq.fts?

## Some residential coloniesof AB Road Bypass.

## Flats coming on AB RoadBypass.


Q.            : From where I can find the guideline / circle rate ofthe property

Ans.        : clickhere to have Indoredistrict guidelines.

 Note : = 10.764 Sq.fts. approx