AVASA - Luxury Residences


According to the Buddhist tradition, AVASA meant a single monastic dwelling for one monk, or huts for a small group of monks located within established, perfectly natural boundaries. Traditionally AVASAS were the communal dwellings where monks would reside during the three month rainy season (vasas). AVASA at present refers to a colony.

At AVASA – Luxury Residences, we have progressed to include a remarkable collective based on tradition and finely tuned to include every bit of comfort technology and infrastructure can provide. AVASA in its phase 1 launch of luxury residences is coming up with six well engineered vaastu compliant architecture of high rise blocks. Located in the lush green vicinity of the upcoming Bijalpur area in Indore, AVASA truly up to its name and promises an environment of peace and tranquility…

AVASA township project indore entrance gate from ab road  

As you go through this website you will slowly be aware be aware of the uniqueness this project offers. Its location, its design and environs have been engineered for a superior life to the one you have been used to. No matter what you are leaving behind, you will find AVASA is indeed a meeting place of all your dreams.


How we make dreams come true

As we all know, there are three indispensible factors that decide a great residence: Location, Location, and Location. Without a meaningful location, even the most well-designed and accessorized home leaves you wanting more. With this in mind, we have located AVASA in what is arguably the best location in Indore.

AVASA is situated on the main AB road, which makes it perfect for progressive families or couples looking forward to starting a family. Schools, Collages, an eminent hospital, Indore crystal it park, Indore regional park, Indore city bus stop, pithampur, IIM all these are located strategically enough to give you and your family distinct advantage.

main road of avasa township 

·         AVASA is strategically located in close proximity to the main city, and is just minute’s drive from Bhawarkuan square, and Choitram square.

·         Just kilometer’s from main Indore railway station and 2 km from upcoming Rajendra Nagar railway station.

·         School collages in close proximity: - Choitram School. Indore Public School, Emerald heights, DAVV University Indore, Medicaps Collage, IIM Indore, Indore Sanghvi Institute and several other landmarks of Indore property market.

·         On the route of Pithampur industrial area.

·         5 minute's drive from Indore Regional Park.

·         5 minutes drive from Indore crystal it park, an Indore SEZ.

·         On main Indore brts road.


THE design of your Dream

elevation of 2bhk flats at AVASA township 

AVASA in its Phase 1 launch of residence is coming up with six extensively well engineered vaastu compliant architecture of high rise blocks. Located in the lush green vicinity of Bijalpur area AVASA truly lives up to its name and promises an enjoyment of peace and tranquility…

AVASA Flats and luxury residence master layout plan map

AVASA comprises a selection of multiple apartment designs to give you a wider choice, suited for various needs…

Come and Explore the Joy of Living Your Dream…

High rise building township project at indore ab road near regional park a jewel in indore property investment market

Dream HIGH Rises

When you have made it, let the world know…

With the buzzing modernization of Indore, the city’s skyline should be its reflection! Come and explore the joy of living in the lap of luxury living in between the clouds with AVASA High rise 2 BHK flats in Indore.

Experience the feel that this modern architecture has to offer…

With modern and contemporary elevation look that AVASA luxury residences and flats deliver a soothing look for its towers adding up your joy of living in Indore…

AVASA garden facing flats at indore a township project


Step closer to nature

From your first step into AVASA luxury residences, you will be on your way to leaving concrete jungle behind. Here you can experience the forgotten pleasure of walking barefoot on grass as you stroll through our beautiful land scaped garden.

You can see your children breathing the purest air as they play on their ergonomically designed play area surrounded by lush greenery.

And the best of all, you can feel your health refresh itself as you take early morning walks along our jogging track and sit down to quietly meditate every evening in our yoga centre.

Regional Park and Phal Bagh

Rejoice yourself at the Pipyapala Regional Park Indore, located a few minutes from AVASA Luxury flats and residences… Spread over 65 acres of lush green superb landscaping the park overlooks the serene views of the Pipliyapala Lake.

Phal Bagh a splendid green space spread over 30 acres is located right opposite AVASA. Residents can enjoy the peaceful environment at walking distance from the AVASA Township, Indore.

A unique project offered by the co-promoters of ocean park, royal premium, Royal krishna bunglows and many more landmark projects.

The project is on a prime location on main  AB BRTS road which is just two mins drive from choitram hospital.

The project is approved by major financial institutions and is free from legal issues.

it is a township which offers luxury two bhk and three bhk flats.

it a high rise project which has been designed to deliver reflect madern lifstyle.

The project has been planned by architect surat kumar, delhi.