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A premium group housing scheme in the heart of Indore being promoted & developed by leading business house of this region with excellent track record of success in real estate Industry. Lead by young Entrepreneurs and best professionals ‘DIVINE GREENS’ is one of the many Projects to come from the stable of VARUN CREATIONS in the years to come....!!


• Walled campus with three level security

• Adequate water supply through bore wells and Narmada supply line laid to be laid in for IDA scheme

• Under Ground water storage tanks to store sufficient water.

• Power back up for common Lighting

• Underground cabling for electric, Telephone Etc.

• Rain water harvesting to ensure healthy ground water Table

• Recycling of water for non potable purpose by installing Sewage Treatment Plant

• Piped Cooking gas supply to kitchen

• Tree lined Wide cement concrete and pavement block roads with road sides benches, signage & appropriate night illumination

• High speed elevators

• Landscaped Gardens with Kids Play Zone

• Temple

• Loan & Finance tie-ups from M/s. Loan PLUS a home loan advisory.

• Public address system

• Fire fighting System

• Efficient Garbage Disposal System



30% Reduction in power consumption by using solar powered lights in common area (open) walkways, Roads & Providing Solar water heating system.

10-15% reduction in Electricity used by creating ‘Heat Island Effect’ i.e. creating such provision in design to make inside cooler in summers.

Saving of Electricity by reducing water usage in General & installing drip irrigation System for Gardening.

50-60% Water is saved by installing water efficient faucets, flushing system, shower etc.

By treating Grey & black water & using it for non potable proposes by installing separate lines for flushing.

100% Rain water is harvested and conserved under the ground by use of modern techniques.

Green Homes use certain materials those are maintenance free and save maintenance cost.

Usage of Non Toxic Materials to avoid health hazards.

Soil erosion is prevented & Natural topography is maintained to conserve eco-system.

Proper ventilation & fresh air circulation is incorporated in design to provide clean air and daylight. This also reduces the energy bills.

Usage of recycled local Building material prevents energy costs & conserves nature.

30-40% saving in Electricity bills by using installing intelligent lift, efficient water pumps, censor operated lights.
Project Details
Milan Heights is group of imposing towers of
6 storey each and a mix of


Club House

Temple complex

Strengths & advantages of ‘Divine Greens’

Location-Very close to

Schools : Advance Academy School, Delhi Public School (DPS),Choithram School, Shishu Kunj School, Bhuwans Prominent School